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Wellness Care

Your pet's healthcare is our first priority. Your cherished companion deserves nothing less than exceptional, dependable veterinary care. Our skilled and compassionate veterinary team is dedicated to providing your pet with an unsurpassed level of veterinary care in a leading edge veterinary facility, unparalleled in the Tri-State area. 

Bay St. Animal Hospital’s mission is firmly rooted in our passionate resolve to champion the needs of both pet and pet owner. 

Ensure your pet receives optimal care and lives a long, healthy life. Schedule regular wellness check-ups and examinations. Regular veterinary visits allow our veterinarians to evaluate and assess your pet's overall health, and to detect any signs or symptoms of disease or medical conditions.

What is a wellness examination?

A wellness examination refers to a regularly scheduled medical examination of your pet. The focus of a wellness visit is to observe, evaluate, and maintain your pet's optimal health by ensuring his, or her physical and systemic body condition remains healthy.

How often should my dog or cat have a wellness examination?

The frequency of wellness examinations depends on the age and medical status of your pet. If you have just acquired a new puppy or kitten, wellness exams are scheduled with vaccinations. An average healthy adult dog or cat should have annual check-ups. We also recommend yearly dental checkups for adult dogs and cats.

Remember, our primary focus is to provide only the highest quality healthcare to maintain, improve, and sustain the health of your pet. A physical examination allows our doctors to observe your companion, listen to his, or her heart and lungs, feel specific areas of the body, and generally evaluate and assess the overall health of your pet.

Why is preventative medicine important?

Preventive medicine is the most effective way to safeguard against illness and injury. Because pets cannot tell us how they feel, disease may be present before you are aware of it. For this reason, additional tests are useful in determining health issues that are not easily observed. 

If a disease or condition can be detected before your pet shows symptoms, steps can often be taken to manage or correct the problem before the situation worsens. In addition, early detection and treatment is often less costly than waiting until a disease or problem becomes advanced enough to affect your pet's quality of life.

Wellness examinations and testing are particularly important for your older pet where there is an increased chance underlying disease may be present.

What can I do to prepare my pet for a wellness examination?

We want your pet's wellness exam to be as convenient and pleasant as possible for both you and your pet. When you schedule your pet's appointment, our receptionist will make recommendations and advise you of what, if anything, is necessary to bring along. The best way to prepare for your visit is to arrive with a comprehensive list of your questions and concerns.

We are here to address all of your concerns about your special companion. We are honored you have chosen us to care for him/her.

Call Bay St. Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment today.