Protecting Your Pets Dental Health

At the centerpiece of good dental care for your pet lies a complete oral exam, followed by a thorough cleaning, designed to remove plaque and slow its buildup. 

Our veterinarians have over one-hundred years of combined experience, and can help your pet achieve the best possible dental health.

Your pet's dental appointment includes the following - 

    •    Oral examinations under anesthesia;
    •    Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease;
    •    Supra and subgingival scaling;
    •    Tooth extractions;
    •    Polishing;
    •    Irrigation;
    •    Fluoride application; and 
    •    Extractions and oral mass removal (if necessary).

Should we find any issues, such as evidence of gum or tooth erosion, gingivitis, or excessive plaque buildup, we will discuss this with you and offer treatment options for your pet. 

We are experienced dental practitioners and are capable of offering a number of dental procedures and oral surgeries for your pet.

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