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VIPee Week

The Pee Is Free!

During VIPee Week — Monday through Friday, May 13 through 17 — Bay Street Animal Hospital is providing free urinalysis for your very important pet.

No exam necessary. Just drop off your pet’s urine in a clean container and get the results back while you wait. If you cannot collect the urine, come in to BSAH and we will collect the urine specimen without any additional fee.

No appointment necessary. You can drop off a specimen or bring in your pet for urine collection any day during VIPee Week during the hours of 10am – 10pm.

Urinalysis allows us to test the physical and chemical properties of urine. The tests we perform are used primarily to assess the health of your pet’s kidneys and urinary system. But the tests may also indicate problems in other organ systems, and are important for diagnosing metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Urinalysis is a valuable assessment tool for both healthy and sick animals and should be included in a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s health.

When you bring in your pet’s specimen during VIPee week, we will be able to check for urinary tract infection, blood loss, bladder stones, possible liver and kidney disease, prostate problems, cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases.

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