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Jackie Comes Home in Time for Christmas

Jackie is a sweet seven-year-old Boston Terrier. In late October while on a walk, Jackie and her owner were attacked and severely bitten by a much larger dog.

Jackie’s owner had to go to a human hospital for treatment of her injuries. Jackie was brought to Bay Street Animal Hospital where here she was examined by veterinarian Dr. Malgorzata Banaszek-Lepkowski.

Dr. Banaszek-Lepkowski thoroughly examined Jackie and found that the bite wounds were severe and deep. Radiographs showed that Jackie had a ruptured bladder and needed surgery with extended intensive care and wound management to follow the surgery. 

Jackie underwent treatment for 42 days at Bay Street Animal Hospital. The Bay Street team provided her with the love and care necessary for her healing. Jackie became a fixture here and part of the Bay Street family.

To complete the post-surgery healing process, Dr. Banaszek-Lepkowski and our dedicated technicians worked diligently and administered wound hydrotherapy twice daily, along with wet-to-dry bandages, antibiotics, and pain medications. 

Jackie had to have a second surgery to close the wound after it had healed properly. She was a trooper through it all and kept her sweet disposition right to the end of treatment.

Today, we are so happy to see Jackie return to us after her initial discharge. She is having her sutures removed just in time for Christmas. She came in prancing and jumping all through the waiting room lobby, saying hello to anyone she could. 

It was a sad, unfortunate, and painful situation for Jackie and her owner to go through — but one with a very happy Christmas-story ending.