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Backyard Dog Run Added at Bay Street Animal Hospital

A recent article in the New York Times documented the fact that Staten Island contains the largest population of large dogs of New York City’s five boroughs (dogs over 50 pounds as a percentage of total dogs owned per borough).

Run with the Big Dogs (and the Small Dogs). This April, BSAH added a cutting-edge outdoor dog run to our backyard. Dogs whose loving owners book them for a stay at BSHA’s Luxury Pet Hotel receive many VIP guest amenities, including the opportunity to exercise in the run — rain or shine. The 1,100-square foot dog run, open to dogs of all sizes, is completely protected from the weather by overhead cover.
360° Panorama – Dog’s Eye View

It’s All About the Sanitation (and the French Drains).
Bay Street’s dog run represents the latest developments in sanitation. The only thing not cutting edge about our dog run is our grass — there is none. A top layer of protection is provided by a proprietary maintenance-free 100% permeable artificial turf and backing that allow all liquids and solids to be washed away and completely drained at 250 inches per hour without back-up. Below ground level, a system of French drains — perforated pipes — redirects water washed from the surface away from the area of the dog run.

Detailed graph describing the French Draoins in the Dog Run at Bay Street Animal Hospital
Other Dog (and Cat) Amenities. While you and your family go on vacation, boarding your beloved pet at BSAH provides the perfect opportunity for your pet’s annual check-up and grooming needs. Besides our Destination Hotel for dogs, we also provide boarding for cats at our Kitty Korner. Our Pet Hotel page lists the many benefits and perks, including a complimentary bath for pets who stay more than three days and a 10% discount on our boarding guests’ grooming needs.

And Furthermore. Behind BSAH’s outdoor dog run there is a separate staff residence, where a member of our staff is on call 24/7. That makes us the only hotel in the world where the staff gets to live with the dogs.
Video – Drone’s Eye View
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